Colson Associates

While the member companies around the world operate independently, Colson Associates, Inc. (a professional organization in Chicago, Illinois) manages and invests the member companies' non-operational financial resources and advises the companies on accounting, international and state tax, finance, legal, insurance and risk management, regulatory, real
estate, acquisitions and other matters.


It is the objective and intent of the management of Colson Associates and that of the Shareholders of Colson Associates and of the respective member companies, that each of the companies operate with the highest level of ethics, full compliance with governmental and industry regulations and with a keen sensitivity toward social responsibility.




The member companies of Colson Associates are dedicated to the advancement of medical science, the improvement of patient care, and in particular to the contribution that high quality, cost effective health care technology can make toward achieving these goals.



Colson Associates recognizes that adherence to ethical standards and compliance with applicable laws are 1) the right thing to do and 2) critical to our ability to continue the collaboration with health care professionals. We insist upon ethical business practices and socially responsible conduct related to our interactions with health care professionals.

Our companies also respect the obligation of health care professionals to make independent decisions regarding the Colson Associates member companies’ products. Consequently, a Code of Ethics has been adopted to facilitate our ethical interactions with those individuals or entities that purchase, lease, recommend or use prescribed Colson Associates member companies’ medical technology and products.


Social Responsibility

The member companies of Colson Associates are committed to social responsibility and community involvement. Such commitment is of fundamental importance to us and has been and continues to be evidenced in many ways by our companies and employees throughout the world.

Our companies are encouraged to reaffirm these values in a tangible manner through support for humanitarian, educational and charitable activities locally and on a global basis. Colson Associates and our member companies firmly believe that we also have a deep responsibility, which we have embraced, to aid the afflicted through improving the standards of patient care. We continue to discharge this responsibility through our extensive new product research and development programs and through providing training, supplies, modern equipment and other support to non-profit organizations. The mission of some of these organizations is to support surgeons in developing countries in order to offer immediate orthopedic surgical treatment to individuals who otherwise would not have access to the benefits of advanced medical treatments.

In order to help others, we must first always insure that our employees are provided with an environment of the highest levels of safety and care, that we have the greatest respect as an environmental custodian for the world in which we live, that our companies are strong financially so that we have the resources both for reinvestment and to be able to identify and fund activities where assistance is meaningful.

To make these socially responsible activities meaningful, all of our businesses around the world and all of our activities must be sustained globally by a continued focus on maintaining high ethical business practices. We take this extremely seriously and continually devote significant attention to further strengthening our business practices and controls so that we might better insure the future of our companies, our employees, our business relationships, our ability to improve the standards of care, our compliance with government and industry regulations, and our abilities to continue to fulfill our desires for innovative social responsibility.


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